Turkey for Thanksgiving!

Taken by Yousif Waleed

Well, I just got off the phone with Meyer Hatchery and ordered turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Meyer Hatchery is not a local farm where I’ll go pick up a turkey around Thanksgiving, they are a great hatchery out of Ohio that will be sending us 15 day old turkeys in about 2 weeks.  I have ordered from Meyer Hatchery many times before, and they have healthy birds and great service.

Now you may be asking why I categorized this post as “Debt & Homesteading” and not just “Homesteading”.  Well, one of the reasons we moved to our farm 4 years ago was to become more self sufficient not only by raising and growing our own food, but also financially.  We will not be eating 15 turkeys for Thanksgiving (I do like turkey, but not that much!).  We purchase more turkeys every year and then raise the surplus and sell them to people who want a good, pasture/grass raised turkey that is given the opportunity to live a normal life without having to be raised in a poultry house with no sun or nature.  We don’t make a lot of money off of the turkeys, but we make enough to pay for the feed, the processing, and then a little extra for our time each day to make sure the turkeys are well taken care of (about an hour a day).

I read on a lot of other PF blogs about getting side jobs, well, one of my side jobs is right here at my home.  We raise chickens for eggs and meat, turkeys and we are raising a cow that we are planning on selling milk shares later on, all to help us become more independent and self sufficient.  With our farm, I don’t have time to go deliver pizza’s or take another job away from home.  I do have time to do some extra work on the farm to help make a little bit more money to help us reach our goals.
What are you doing to help supplement your income?


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