“7 Steps to Paying off Debt” Infographic

As I was checking my Mint.com account to see if there was anything that I didn’t know about (I’ll talk about mint.com later, but it’s a great way for me to get an overview of my accounts and what is happening in them).  I came across a good post on the Mint.com blog, MintLife. Today they posted a very simple infographic detailing seven steps to paying off debt.  None of them are so amazing that they’ll make you go “WOW!!!”, but as I looked over them I kept going “Why am I not doing this?” which is the biggest question, why has it taken me so long to figure out these easy steps.  Julia knew them, I just wasn’t there to help out doing them.  Time for me to step up and help out and help get this done!

Here is the infographic (it is a little wide for my blog, so click on it or the link above to go to the web page).


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